route miel, morocco

little lunch
thyme honey for breakfast in paradise valley, morocco

In early January I traveled to Morocco. I met Bill in Tagazhout, where he had been painting and surfing and eating baguettes and jam for many weeks. He had planned a road trip for us through the Atlas Mountains, starting in Paradise Valley. But he hadn’t looked at a road map.

You might imagine our surprise when we saw a sign declaring our road La Route Miel. THE HONEY ROAD!  From Agadir west to Imouzzer we drove through limestone hills, palm groves, and orchards of argan, almond, and olive trees. Wild lavender bloomed — and buzzed with honeybees.

sneaking around our hotel’s apiary

In addition to Langstroth hives I saw traditional indigenous hives, reed mats rolled into hollow cylinders. They appeared to be plugged at both ends with wood that was notched with a doorway for the bees. The comb comes out in perfect dessert-plate-sized circles.

Local beekeepers harvest honey throughout the year to capture the distinct tastes of the many different blooms. We taste-tested miel de thym, miel d’arganier, miel d’oranger, miel de caliptus, but were not given any samples of  les plus chères, miel de agave.


i take 1 sugar and 1 honeybee with my coffee

5 thoughts on “route miel, morocco

  1. I love the way you can travel with the honey bee mcKay. It brought you right back home too! That was a beautiful description too. Love, momma

      1. hi, I don’t know any beekeepers there by name, but when I drove along the “Route Miele” in Paradise Valley there were many apiaries easily visible from the road. There are also honey road stands that are probably run by the beekeepers themselves. I stayed at a hotel called Hotel Tifrit near Immouzer, which had its own small apiary.
        It should be easy to find beekeepers once you are there.
        Good luck, McKay

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