first year’s crop of hihat honey

design by miss kate smaby

How impish of me to make you wait to see the golden bounty of this year’s crop! Earlier this fall, I robbed two frames, as described here. I was giddy with excitement when I brought the frames home, and quickly laid out by an overdose of sweetness. It became clear that the stuff was too potent to devour by the spoonful, comb and all, so I decided to bottle it for tea and crumpets to come. I had about ten pounds to work with, which is a light load, but not bad for a hive’s first year.  If all goes well, next year could yield sixty or eighty pounds! Then we will really be in business.

I extracted by cutting out comb from the frame, and setting on cheese cloth, so the honey would drip through without the wax. The wax is edible too, but I don’t like it in my tea.

cheesecloth method of extracting one frame at a time
It was with great pleasure that I surprised my Mom with some HiHat Honey

And then my uncles, my grandparents…and everybody who has come to my home or office since.  I’ve heard the honey described as “leafy,” “like kale,” “like lavender and basil,” “from herb garden window boxes,”  and “very interesting.” It is translucent, with a goldilocks palette, which means it was made by nectar gathered in the spring.

the total harvest was about ten of these
plenty of honey for tea time

4 thoughts on “first year’s crop of hihat honey

  1. I’ve enjoyed following your initial urban beekeeping adventures. You certainly gathered a sweet group to enjoy the honey at tea time. Meanwhile, I’m still looking forward to having your HiHat say Howdy to some of my goat cheese…

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