summer bandits

Taking honey from the hive is called robbing, and not just when bears do it.  Beekeepers are robbers too. Bandits.   My bees haven’t made enough honey for me to rob yet, and I’m feeling wolfish, so I started thinking of what else I like to rob in the summer:

a frame of honey from Dan’s hive
steamed Maine corn guarded by my sister Lucy
Lucy’s lobster when she’s not looking
my friend S. Bandito and me on the prowl in Queens

My mom, Harriet, says “I love to pick blackberries from my horse in Como, Mississippi in the summer and eat them hot from the sun.  They are a little bitter sometimes but there’s nothing as summery as that black juice running down your hand.”

You can see her horse Debroone is a bit of a bandit himself.

Debroone, our Irish bandit, laughing at Mom’s joke
my cousin Bayard Morgan robbing Harriet’s Honey circa 1978

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